Some of our services
can be booked without
a representation office -
for special events, for
the period of a project
or for single occasions.

Representation Services

  • Representation ServicesProviding office address, individual phone number and email address
  • Professional Handling of brochure, information, rates and booking request
  • Monthly reporting

Sales and Marketing

  • Product positioning and market development
  • Development of annual sales and marketing budgets
  • Development of new markets and distribution channel
  • Sales and MarketingInterpretation of industry trends
  • Market overview with demographic, geographic and economic studies
  • Recommendation on rate structures, special promotions, booking commissions and tour operator contract policies
  • Recommendation and selection of tour operators based on the product
  • Organization and attendance of trade events as outlined in the marketing plan
  • Close cooperation with industry partners, also through personal visits
  • Regular product and rate updates
  • Joint promotions with selected trade partners
  • Organization of Educational Trips
  • Monthly marketing reports and tourism over views
  • Efficient follow-ups on all activities
  • Tour operator contracting
  • Create and maintain data base for tour operators, travel agents and travel trade press
Press & PR Services

Press & PR Services *

  • Create product information in German
  • Create and maintain 3 major distributors (mailing lists) for direct campaigns (consumers), trade (travel agents and tour operators) and press (print and electronic)
  • Make up and distribution of advertising material
  • Press & PR ServicesCreation of newsletters and promotional flyers
  • Organization of consumer fairs and exhibitions
  • Organizations of interviews and press luncheons
  • Organization of Press trips
  • Development of direct mail campaigns and maintained databases
  • Preparation and distribution of electronic press releases to the travel press in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (data base of appr. 100,000 travel press contacts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland)
  • Translation and interpreter services (English – German)
  • Creation of advertising campaigns

Online Marketing *

  • Online MarketingCreation of keywords relevant press releases for SEO
  • Distribution/uploads of PR texts to appr. 100 news and travel portals
  • Development and maintenance of social media sites, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google+
  • Regular product updates on social media sites of Exclusive & Different

Text Interpretations and Translations *

  • Translation of website (English – German) with keyword provision for SEO
  • Translation of brochures and other promotional material

*for German-speaking markets only

NB: Some of our services can be booked without a representation office: for special events or for the period of a project or for single occasions.


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